• Structural Design
  • Our vast experience & exposure to the field of structural design for almost 50 years make us one of the leading consulting firms at providing structural design for all types of buildings and special structures including Temples, Transmission Towers, Hoardings, Over Bridges for bus and Metro Stations, Ferro Content Structures, Long Span Buildings, Auditoriums, Multiplexes, Malls, BTS Stations, Data Rooms, Pile Foundation, Under Water Structures, Water Retaining Structures, Sports Stadiums, etc. We are one of the leading consultants for multiplexes design in India with over 50 multiplexes designed and commissioned till date.

  • Structural audit is the technical survey of the building in order to check its strength, stability and extent of damage during its service period. It covers the examination of the existing frame and highlights the weak or damaged structural members.

  • Inspection Process:
  • During site visits, all levels of the said building are examined and a report is generated highlighting the damaged areas. In case, if there is a requirement to check the soundness of concrete, then NDT (Non Destructive Tests) may be done on the concrete. The Audit report highlights the damage/extent of the damage or the structural frame of the building.

  • Retrofitting and Repairs:
  • After the inspection of the building is completed, there might be areas where repairs are required. As most buildings are occupied, this process comprises in 2 parts.

    Part 1 is checking the damaged portion by opening plaster.
    Part 2 is resubmitting the actual condition, and taking preventive measures to correct the damaged portion.
    Retrofitting details are issued by the consultant for pair the damaged areas and repairs are carried out by a capable contractor.

  • Certification
  • 1. If the building is found to be without structural damaged and does not require any repairs or further inspection, then certification is issued after the structural audit is complete.

    2. If the building is in need of repairs of structural frame/members, the said areas need to be retrofitted or repaired. Upon completion of repairs/retrofit, another inspection is carried out to check, if the repairs are done properly. Certification is issued after the repairs carried out are found to be satisfactorily.

  • Being registered Peer reviewer, we carry out a inspections of completed works to assess quality of construction and to check whether the building has been constructed in accordance with design documents and specifications. We review records of test results for all construction materials, check sizes of all structural members against design documents and if required, we may ask the client to carry out on-site non-destructive tests. After reviewing the building, a comprehensive and detailed Peer Review Report is generated, and certification is issued based on it.

  • We offer Third Party Inspection with neutral and unbiased proof checking services for almost all types of construction activities. This third party inspection is done under the guidance of our experienced team who has profound knowledge & knows each and every detailed aspect about the construction services and methods.

  • We provide construction Quality Control (QC) services for concrete construction, earthworks, curing, shuttering, casting and other constructions activities to ensure the construction procedures and materials confirm to the design specifications and follow proper construction practices. Having a team of experienced and well trained engineers, regular site visits are made to check quality of R.C.C. work, whether done in a systematic manner or not.

  • Retrofitting is an important part of the construction field. Retrofitting services are provided for various reasons;
    1. In case, a building is in need of repairs due to natural calamities or a building which might not have been maintained properly.
    2. In case, when there might be floor extensions of buildings.

  • Arbitration is a formal dispute resolution process whereby two or more parties agree to submit all or certain disputes between them to an independent person called an arbitrator, for a binding decision. In this new age of blame games and over design, third party review can be an excellent arbitrator to avoid delays to the execution of the project, completing the project on time and avoid monetary disputes without any friction.